football and fieldIn case you have been living off the grid, Sunday was the Super Bowl, an Incident of National Significance, with far-reaching response and preparedness implications.  The planning team has been preparing for this event for over a year.

Not all of us have the fortune to work in an event of this magnitude but we should all be working towards our own Super Bowl.  You may already have a plan of what you are supposed to accomplish this year and it may be as detailed as a complete training and exercise plan or document review schedule however what one item is your Super Bowl.

Your Super Bowl is something that should be a high light of your accomplishments for the year, as it is for the teams playing in the NFL’s Super Bowl.  This could be anything from a full-scale evacuation exercise or overhauling and testing your organization’s crisis communication plan.

These types of accomplishments strengthen your reputation and ultimately have a positive impact on your career.  Since we all cannot work a Type 1 incident we need to make sure we are maximize gains from the relative opportunities of significance we have in our regular work.

Good luck, and I hope your Super Bowl is a one sided blowout.

What’s going to be your Super Bowl this year?  Feel free to share in the comments.

My Super Bowl this year is focused on a cool Healthcare Coalitions Project.

Jody Moore is a Principal Member of Crisis Focus, LLC, a full service crisis management and emergency planning firm.  He has received several innovation grants and currently serves as a Senior Leader in mulit-state health care organization.  Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.