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What Hospitals Can Learn from the United Incident

By now everyone has seen the viral cell phone video of the physician being dragged from a United Flight in Chicago a few days ago and you may have read accounts other disgruntled United passengers like Geoff Fearns being removed from purchased seats. Yes, it is a PR...

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Time to Dust Off Nuclear Plans?

Last week the State of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency posted a news release regarding the increased threat to the islands of a potential nuclear threat from North Korea.  As tensions continue to escalate on the Korean peninsula, tensions are also on the rise with...

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Hacking a Community Notification System? It just happened!

A few weeks ago we published an article titled "Wikileaks, 9-1-1, and You" detailing the potential emergency management implications of the WikiLeaks hack of the CIA's cybersecurity arsenal.  We addressed the concern about community notification systems being...

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New Webinar from CMS on the Emergency Preparedness Rule

CMS has listened to feedback and added another webinar to provide additional information on the Emergency Preparedness Rule finalized last fall.  They are touting this call as a training and it does require registration.  You can find more details and information...

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Changes to Home Health Emergency Prep CoPs?

If you thought the only CoPs that CMS was updating recently were just the Emergency Preparedness rule, you were sadly mistaken.  In January CMS released a complete revamp of the Home Health Agency CoPs.  If you are looking for a good analysis of those CoPs, I...

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Declare = Documenting

As health care providers are preparing for a potentially crippling Nor’easter, it is perhaps the first major disaster to affect a large geography since the effective date of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.   There is a potentially under-noticed clause in a...

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WikiLeaks, 9-1-1, and You!

A growing concern in the Emergency Management and Crisis Management space is the threat of a cyber security event impacting agency operations or the ability to respond appropriately to a major event. Recently the Wall Street Journal chronicled a cyber attack on 9-1-1...

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