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We strive to provide updated and timely information on the current events and best practices in Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness.  If you are interested in receiving blog posts via e-mail, sign up on the right side of this page. Blog articles are listed below.


Changes to Home Health Emergency Prep CoPs?

If you thought the only CoPs that CMS was updating recently were just the Emergency Preparedness rule, you were sadly mistaken.  In January CMS released a complete revamp of the Home Health Agency CoPs.  If you are looking for a good analysis of those CoPs, I...

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Declare = Documenting

As health care providers are preparing for a potentially crippling Nor’easter, it is perhaps the first major disaster to affect a large geography since the effective date of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.   There is a potentially under-noticed clause in a...

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WikiLeaks, 9-1-1, and You!

A growing concern in the Emergency Management and Crisis Management space is the threat of a cyber security event impacting agency operations or the ability to respond appropriately to a major event. Recently the Wall Street Journal chronicled a cyber attack on 9-1-1...

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What to do without Interpretive Guidelines?

Disclaimer: CMS published an advanced copy of the Interpretive Guidelines in early June.  Our analysis and a link can be found here.  The action steps and recommendations in the following blog post still provide solid guidance for providers early in their compliance...

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4 Focus Areas to Get Executive Buy-In

When I made the transition from a program manager of a large Health System Emergency Management program to a Senior Leadership role, one of the main questions I got (and continue to get) is how do you get C-Suite buy-in and support of my Healthcare Emergency...

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An Introductory Look at the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

As we all struggle with MACRA and Value Based Purchasing, leave it to a Hurricane named Matthew and Civil Disturbances to remind us that we still must prepare for the unknown beyond payment models. CMS furthers our compulsion to prepare with the recent release of the...

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New Material for CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

As promised both CMS and ASP&R  are publishing more and more material to help clarify the new Emergency Preparedness Rule.  Here is a link to two useful documents: ASP&R Tracie: CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Resources at Your Finger Tips CMS: Table...

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Indirect Hit: Planning to Support Others

With a new academic year well underway, college and university campuses are beaming with excitement and calendars are filled with numerous school activities, athletic events and research advancements.  While hopefully the school year is off to a busy but great start,...

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