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We strive to provide updated and timely information on the current events and best practices in Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness.  If you are interested in receiving blog posts via e-mail, sign up on the right side of this page. Blog articles are listed below.


5 Steps to Better Continuity Planning

Whether you are planning for a hurricane, earthquake or cyber incident, the ability to maintain essential functions is critical to your organization's success and long term viability. Working with organizations over the past two years, we have seen an increased...

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CMS Takeaway: Make the most of Real World Events

When faced with real-world disasters the CMS Emergency Preparedness CoP may be the last thing on your mind, but don't let it drift too far down the list of priorities.  Real-word events are what the #CMSEPRule is designed to prepare for, so making sure you keep...

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A Primer on Hospital Evacuation

With the dire situation surrounding #Harvey, there are a lot of individuals conversing on social media around the evacuation of hospitals prior to events. Below are my thoughts on an evacuation decision framework, not a proclamation of what should have been done. My...

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ASCs and the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

When CMS finalized the Emergency Preparedness Rule last fall they raised the emergency preparedness bar considerably for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC).  Like all of the 17 affected providers, ASCs must comply with the major components of the rule: Comprehensive...

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Training, Exercises, and CMS

With the deadline for implementation and compliance with the new CMS Preparedness Rule quickly approaching, many provider types have started seeking additional clarification and guidance regarding the training and exercise requirements.  For those not familiar with...

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CMS Publishes Draft Interpretive Guidelines

Late this past week CMS published an "Advanced Copy" of the Interpretive Guidelines (IGs) for the Emergency Preparedness Rule finalized in the Fall of 2016. This 72-page document will guide State Survey Agencies as to how to determine compliance of the 17 affected...

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Upcoming CMS Workshops in NC

We have partnered with local coalitions to offer onsite, no cost to attend, workshops to help providers to reach compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. These half-day sessions are efficient uses of the participant's time, with sessions dedicated to a...

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What Hospitals Can Learn from the United Incident

By now everyone has seen the viral cell phone video of the physician being dragged from a United Flight in Chicago a few days ago and you may have read accounts other disgruntled United passengers like Geoff Fearns being removed from purchased seats. Yes, it is a PR...

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