Where to Start: CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

by | Oct 2, 2016 | CMS Resources, Compliance

iStock_000014587849XSmallAs many health care providers grapple with the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rules, a common question we receive is what do we start preparing?  Since providers at this point have a little over a year’s time to be fully compliant with a complex rule time is of the essence

As we discussed in our webinar focused on the new CMS EP Rule in September, providers should be taking some key steps in the near term.

  • Determine affected facilities and providers covered by you comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Identify and enroll stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • Convene a work group that will work with to develop the supporting policies and plans along with implementation.
  • Establish or re-visit relationships with local response agencies such as:
    Healthcare Coalitions

    • Emergency Management Agencies
    • LEPC
    • Other key healthcare providers (hospitals or similar providers)
  • Attend the Webinar provided by CMS on October 5, 2016, click here for more information.

As next steps beyond what we listed above, providers should have a project plan in place and completing their risk assessment by the middle of December to allow enough time to become compliant on the other aspects of the regulations.

If you are concerned with where to start or how to conduct a risks assessment Crisis Focus, LLC has focused expertise in healthcare emergency management, including CMS compliance.  Please visit Crisis Focus’ CMS Emergency Preparedness resource page or contact us for more information.

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