Ambulatory Surgical Center: CMS Emergency Prep Rule Webinar Series Recording


Recordings of the CMS Emergency Preparedness Webinar Series.  Attendees will have unlimited access to a recording of three comprehensive training webinars focused on preparing Ambulatory Surgery Centers for compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.

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Crisis Focus has recorded a series of 3 webinars providing education, insight, and realistic solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.  When purchased, you receive unlimited access to the recordings where experts discuss and instruct on the necessary steps to gain CMS compliance.

The three webinars include:

  • The Basics Webinar
    • The Basics of the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule
    • Fundamentals of Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • The Policies, Procedures, and Communications Plan Webinar
    • Policy and Procedure Development for Emergency Preparedness
    • Communications Planning for CMS Compliance
  • Creating a Realistic Training and Exercise Plan Webinar
    • Exercise Planning and Requirements for CMS Compliance
    • Realistic Training Strategies for CMS Compliance
  • Access to the recorded webinar to November 15th.
  • Downloadable resources to assist the healthcare facility with training and exercise planning