Healthcare Emergency Management Consulting

Crisis Focus, LLC has decades of specialized experience in healthcare emergency management.  Our experts have worked with and for a multitude of provider types ranging from large hospitals to home health agencies, to public health preparedness.

Services we offer to the healthcare sector are:

Healthcare Emergency Management Program Support

  • Emergency Management Program Assessment
  • Strategic Planning for Healthcare Emergency Management Programs
  • Emergency Planning
  • Hazard Analysis (HVA) and Risk Assessments for single sites, multiple site organizations, and regions
  • Procedure writing and implementation
  • Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
  • Exercise development, facilitation, and documentation
  • SNS and Pandemic Planning

Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance

  • Joint Commission Emergency Management standard compliance
  • CMS Emergency Management regulation compliance
  • Training for Hospital Leaders in Hospital Incident Command and Administrator On Call functions
  • Training for managers, supervisors, and line staff in Emergency Preparedness topics
  • Supporting organizations in meeting ASPR, HPP, and CDC Guidance on Emergency Preparedness

Regional and Healthcare Coalition Development and Support

  • Coalition Development and Coordination
  • Regional Assessments
  • Regional and State Exercises
  • WebEOC system administration and system design

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