CMS Emergency Preparedness Resources

ASCs and the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

When CMS finalized the Emergency Preparedness Rule last fall they raised the emergency preparedness bar considerably for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC).  Like all of the 17 affected providers, ASCs must comply with the major components of the rule: Comprehensive...

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Training, Exercises, and CMS

With the deadline for implementation and compliance with the new CMS Preparedness Rule quickly approaching, many provider types have started seeking additional clarification and guidance regarding the training and exercise requirements.  For those not familiar with...

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CMS Publishes Draft Interpretive Guidelines

Late this past week CMS published an “Advanced Copy” of the Interpretive Guidelines (IGs) for the Emergency Preparedness Rule finalized in the Fall of 2016. This 72-page document will guide State Survey Agencies as to how to determine compliance of the 17...

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Upcoming CMS Workshops in NC

We have partnered with local coalitions to offer onsite, no cost to attend, workshops to help providers to reach compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. These half-day sessions are efficient uses of the participant’s time, with sessions dedicated to...

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New Webinar from CMS on the Emergency Preparedness Rule

CMS has listened to feedback and added another webinar to provide additional information on the Emergency Preparedness Rule finalized last fall.  They are touting this call as a training and it does require registration.  You can find more details and information...

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Changes to Home Health Emergency Prep CoPs?

If you thought the only CoPs that CMS was updating recently were just the Emergency Preparedness rule, you were sadly mistaken.  In January CMS released a complete revamp of the Home Health Agency CoPs.  If you are looking for a good analysis of those CoPs, I...

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CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule: The Local EM Impact Webinar

On November 16, 2016, the Final Rule on Emergency Preparedness from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services went into effect. It details enhanced Emergency Preparedness requirements for a significant portion of the healthcare spectrum. This webinar will provide...

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Declare = Documenting

As health care providers are preparing for a potentially crippling Nor’easter, it is perhaps the first major disaster to affect a large geography since the effective date of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.   There is a potentially under-noticed clause in a...

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