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Bridging the gap between patient satisfaction and emergency preparedness

Higher Ed Consulting

Leveraging best practices to support campus emergency preparedness

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Supporting Local, State, and Federal Emergency Preparedness organizations

Compliance Support

Helping clients remain compliant with emergency preparedness standards and regulations

Crisis Focus News

CMS Takeaway: Make the most of Real World Events

When faced with real-world disasters the CMS Emergency Preparedness CoP may be the last thing on your mind, but don’t let it drift too far down the list of priorities.  Real-word events are what the #CMSEPRule is designed to prepare for, so making sure you keep...

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A Primer on Hospital Evacuation

With the dire situation surrounding #Harvey, there are a lot of individuals conversing on social media around the evacuation of hospitals prior to events. Below are my thoughts on an evacuation decision framework, not a proclamation of what should have been done. My...

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