Ambulatory Surgical Center Resources for the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

Is your Surgical Center ready for the November 15 deadline?

Crisis Focus has created a number of resources for your organization to address the four key components:

  • Comprehensive Emergency Plan
  • Supporting Policies and Procedures
  • Communication Plan
  • Training and Testing Program

Crisis Focus helps clients implement a realistic emergency preparedness best in core tenants of process improvement.

Learn from the Experts:

Crisis Focus, LLC is comprised of experts in the Emergency Management and Healthcare Leadership fields.

Checklist Only

Tools for CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Compliance
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Overview Webinar (Recorded)
  • Training Webinar Access (Live)
  • Discounted access to future webinars, templates, and checklists
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Crisis Focus prides itself in connecting clients with real-world experts that have not only read the material but worked through implementing similar compliance efforts and actual response. They bring sage advice to a practical setting that best prepares the clients for the worse possible scenarios. Read more in each of their abbreviated bios.

Don brings 20 years in emergency management where he has worked in both planning, response, and administrative capacities. Don is on faculty at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD and has served on several NIMS and FEMA workgroups developing present day policy and best practice. Don has published on the integration of healthcare emergency management into the local planning process and currently serves as a surveyor for the Emergency Management Accreditation Program.

Jody brings 20+ years in healthcare and emergency services. He has developed compliant health system emergency management programs from scratch and has undergone multiple Joint Commission, ACHC, and State surveys. Jody coordinated in the abatement of an Immediate Jeopardy finding after an emerging infectious disease impacted a specialty facility. Since he has a served on the executive leadership team of a multi-state home care company and consulted both in the United States and abroad in healthcare emergency management. Jody is an expert in healthcare emergency management regulatory compliance and has spoken nationally and published on this topic.

Jason has a wide breadth of experience inpreparedness and emergency management. His experience ranges from public health planning and emergency management coordination at the local level and progressed to regional coordination of a healthcare coalition where he over saw multi-million dollar federal funding initiatives to emergency management in a large academic medical center. His expert perspective in holistic community planning addresses key collaboration expectations discussed throughout the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.